Scottish Highland Games Lightweight Class

Rules for setting a 200 and under World Record


  1. The athlete must weigh 200lbs or under on the morning of competition. (There is no 1 lb allowance for records)
  2. The AD or the designated LW judge will weigh the athlete in the morning of the competition on a verified scale.
    1. digital scale must be used on a hard surface
    2. No weigh-ins will be allowed on a soft surface (IE...  Grass.)
    3. No dial up scales will be allowed for weigh-ins (it is too easy to manipulate the weight.  If an athlete is weighed on a dial up scale the record will not count...Sorry!!!)  
    4. Weigh-in must take place no more than 3 hours before the competition (No night before weigh ins as this is a weight based class and if you want or think you can break a record then step up and be 200 or under on the day of Contest)
  3. The scales will be verified prior to weigh-ins with a weight of some sort of weight
    1. A known 56lb weight should be used to verify the scale is within specs on the same surface as the weigh-in takes place
  4. In the event that a record is broken at a games, the implement will need to be taken to a certified scale ( post office, UPS) and verified to be official weight.
    1. The weight will be verified by the AD who will be in charge of weighing in the implement.  It preferably should have a picture or video to prove that it was done. 
    2. No on field certified scales will be allowed for weighing in implements. 
    3. Ultimately the AD is in charge of assuring us that this was done correctly.
  5. Any under 200 records will need to better the existing 190 and under records. 
    1. If a 200lb athlete throws a better throw and everything is verified then they will have a 200lb record.
    2. If a 190 and under guy breaks that 200lb record then the 190 guy will have now the 190 record and 200 record.
    3. All existing 190 records will now be the 200lb records as well until beaten.   
  6. 190 and under records will still need to be verified with Adam Guasch-Melendez as he is the holder of the 190 records. (we won’t post a 190 record until he has posted it)
  7. The rules for measuring Height and distance throws will still follow NASGA rules.  



Getting your record verified


  1. The contact person for an under 200 record will be Mark Howe at or 954-464-1602.  
    1. If Mark Howe is the one who broke the record or he can't be contacted for any reason then Adam Larson will be the other contact at If Adam breaks a record…..just kidding! Haha!
    2. Contact can also be made through the contact page on the website.
  2. The only person that will be able to contact Mark or Adam for the purpose of verifying records will be the AD of the games. 
    1. We do not mind if you inform us that you need a record verified, but we will not take your word for it that a record was broken unless it is backed up by the AD according to the rules posted. 
  3. Please try to get these records verified in a timely manner! (don’t wait weeks or months)
  4. We have a comprehensive document with all the NASGA rules as well as our record rules that can be sent to any AD.
    1. We suggest you get a copy from us or have us send to the AD of games that you think you have a chance to break a record at so there are no verification issues.



Final Notes


  1. These are rules that we will be hard-line on in order to respect the records and those who hold them. If the AD says you they didn’t verify the scale, the record won’t count, etc.
  2. The athlete looking to break a record should know all of these rules well and do the legwork necessary to ensure that the record verifying process goes smooth.
    1. Send or have us send the rules to the AD
    2. Make sure you weigh-in in the morning according to the rules even if the games allow weigh-ins the night before.
    3. Let the AD know that you might be close to a record so they can be ready to verify and that they know about the implement weighing procedure, etc.
  3. It is the responsibility of all of us to make this as legit as possible. As athletes let’s keep this as legit as possible, if you know that you did not do something correctly then please show some integrity do not attempt to manipulate the system. It is up to all of us to keep the integrity of the games intact; let’s be honorable and always keep things honest. If it is found that an athlete has cheated in some way to get a record then he will not have a record. The Highland games community is small and word gets around, if it is done the right way then we will not have a problem.